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25, 염소 자리, United States, Los Angeles

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신장5'4" - 5'6" [160cm- 170cm]
무게100 - 120 파운드 [46 - 55 kg]
언어러시아어, 영어
Los Angeles
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Polite, gentle, smart, sexy people with sense of humor, lovely smile, tasty lips, beautiful desires about me. I love TOKENS)))
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S***t, sexy, delicate Lady, I love my friends, and all who send me TIPs))
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Rude boys without manner, freeloaders and scumbags. if u want to use my time, and to see something what u like please be nice, i love to play a naughty games so dont be shy to tell me about all your desires and dont forget about tips... i dont like stupid questions, but dont be afraid to be funny=), Love to see a real gentleman in my chat room who know how to have fun) kisses

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немного литературы)

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красивые картинки,хна,роспись,камасутра,Шпаргалка

read that properly...

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Favourite music

Perfect date

Something fun and crazy! Love surprises and extreme!

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Kiss Me Tiger

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14. 8. 8.

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댓글 (36)
17. 3. 23.
17. 3. 19.
wow bb Goddes let's be friends
17. 3. 6.
Ты - ангел чистой красоты,
Ты - звездный свет моей мечты,
Ты - отблеск золотистых рос,
Ты - отзвук майских первых гроз.
Все говорит лишь о тебе.
Нет никого в моей судьбе,
Кто все бы в ней так повернул,
Кто б снова жизнь в меня вдохнул.

Ты - сердца моего полет,
Ты - путь до света и до нот,
Ты - радость, счастье и покой,
Ты - лето теплое зимой....
Ты - утешение в борьбе.
Нет никого в моей судьбе,
Кого бы так любил я...
Ты - жизнь моя!
16. 11. 14.
great add to friends
16. 10. 24.
wow bb Nice ^-* Добавь в друзья
16. 10. 15.
wow bb Nice ^-* Добавь в друзья
16. 10. 12.
...................(¯` ✿´¯)
...(¯`v´¯) •./¸✿
(¯` ✿..¯))✿/¸.•*✿
...✿•*´)//*´¯`*(¯` ✿ .¯)
▒(_/⋏\_)▒░ `•.,.•
16. 9. 28.
Sasha, when we dance, the angels dance with us. When you smile,the feeling on a birth of a new sun erupts inside me.and when you were gone the emptiness that remained was like a seed that never got to kiss the warmth of your sun. I am to blame for not telling you were i went,until it was to late and you were gone.I have been ill ,and out of touch. I am sorry. I am also ecstatic to have your return, until we dance again, I shall wait to feel your sun light and warmth to sprout our seed of love
16. 5. 17.
Thank you so much for your kindness) warm kisses and love to see you in my chatroom again)
16. 5. 17.
Had a wonderful time chatting with this beautiful lovely girl tonight. I look forward to doing it again.

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